Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Random Thought February

Random thought
  1. Mineral water cannot quench my thirst anymore. Only sweet tea can. I wonder if vampires feel the same way about blood.
  2. Mungkin jurus terbaik yang diperlukan programmer dan desainer adalah Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. So many ideas and no time/manpower.
  3. "For engineers, our deadline is the deadline time. For market, the deadline is the opportunity." - Nico
  4. Saya curiga bahwa orang-orang jenius adalah orang dari masa depan yang menggunakan mesin waktu untuk kembali dan memperbaiki masa lalunya yang suram.
  5. [Android] Misalnya mau bikin Button programmatically (ga pake XML). Kalau misalnya kita punya drawable dalam bentuk resource (contoh R.drawable.image), lebih baik langsung button.setBackgroundResource(R.drawable.image). Jangan ubah R.drawable.image jadi obyek Drawable dulu (drawable = context.getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.image); button.setBackgroundDrawable(drawable)). Hal ini buruk kalau R.drawable.image mengandung animasi (contoh kalau bikin selector pake XML). Nanti animasinya ga jalan.
  6. [Android] Just realized that beside Log.v(verbose), Log.d(debug), Log.i(info), Log.w(warning) and Log.e(error), there's Log.wtf(What a Terrible Failure)
  7. [Game Dev] Tips bikin gerakan Seeking Missile. Pertama cari vektor antara misilnya dengan targetnya. Terus cari vektor satuannya. Habis itu kalikan vektor satuan dengan kecepatan maksimal misil.
  8. [Manga Mobile] Just finished multiple manga source for Manga Mobile. And there're so many bug reports. Emailed on top of that. So sorry everyone >.<
  9. [Manga Mobile] Comment by user: Jan 28, 2012 11:02:34 AM on version 1.952 "fucked up"
  10. Don't go too far ahead, or be ready to be alone there.
  11. When I hate something, I just feel like making the game of it. Setelah kuliah Agama Islam, I feel like making a game about God (like Black and White?). Setelah naik angkot yang ngetem 1 jam, I feel like making a game about Angkot (like Dinner Dash?). And I had countless idea for game about programming.
  12. Keraguan adalah puncak dari keyakinan - Imam Al-Ghazali.
  13. Rioux SVN for free and private SVN :)
  14. Hello World in GWT and App Engine! So excited! Tutorial  in Indonesian coming up :). Ini tutorial Inggris-nya yang lumayan bagus (dibandingkan yang Google punya)
Damn GWT, how am I supposed to learn from ur f****d up sample?


  1. Btw go, you can also use assembla.com as free SVN repository, and git. And it was integrated with gihub. By I meant integrated is when I was asked to give my github email (which is empty repository, no project at all), it also show my assembla project. I was using it at codesprint 2 for the CV.

    1. Sounds cool. I'll check it out soon enough (since I almost used up all my Rioux repository's quota). Used Github and not so fond of it.