Sunday, 4 March 2012

Who inspired me the most?

Just read a random tweet by my friend about "Who make me who I'm now?". So I narrow down to a question: were I to be asked "Who inspired you the most?", who are they? Hey to my surprise, I can answer that!

  1. Father: "A father is every son first hero" And for me he's still one.
  2. Mom: A mom will always be a supermom for her children. Her endurance when  faced with problems, is most remarkable.
  3. My  : His willpower, his concentration and his knowledge used to be by far if not the most, greatest of any people I've ever known. And I would like to emphasize the "used to" part.
  4. My  : could say a copy of my mother. She always complain but always did what she must,  remarkably. A real-life manifestation of tsundere? Though I never saw her "dere" side.
  5. Dhiksta Olya Widyasmara: His kindness is one of those you can only see in fairy tale. I used to tease my sister (he's my step-brother-to-be) about him being a being from a fairy tale. And apparently, that might not be too far away from the truth.
  6. Yosua Michael Maranatha: Only one word describe him. Genius. I always thought he's a being from the future as he's too awesome to be true.
  7. Arif Ramasiwi: "Wise" is a not-so-exaggerating-word to describe him. His wisdom and words were the one who made me realize the importance of friends.
  8. Ayasaki Hayate: Sleeping for only 2 hours a day and dedicate the rest of his time for others inspires me the most. I know he's fictional character. But hey, I know of someone who's quite fictional himself!
I think this list will always increase in time since I have this ability of knowing-someone-good-points-no-matter-what-shitty-broken-person-he-is I learned from Arif Ramasiwi. Well just like Einstein said, basically everyone is a genius in their own way. We just have to see the fish while swimming in the water, not while climbing a tree.

And why bother making the list? Maybe so I don't lose my track in life? And everyone who know me and know them and read this blog entry can remind me who should I become and what I'm lacking.

Who inspires you the most? Don't forget to thank them as they might be the one who make you who you are right now :)

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