Sunday, 1 April 2012

Random Thought March


  1. The good thing of having a lot of projects is that when you're stuck with one project you can move to other and still feel quite productive.
  2. Which is more frightening: a friend who's quiet but can read your mind or a chatterbox friend and still can read your mind?
  3. [Android] When using SharedPreferences (loading or committing changes),  make sure to do it in different thread from the UI thread (preferably use AsynTask).  SharedPreferences will slow down UI when it has a lot of data. It might cause Out of Memory Error, too.
  4. [Android] Don't forget to remove views from previous activity when starting some activity. It may cause Out of Memory Error because the views from previous activity is taking lot of them. It is a good idea to repopulate your views in onResume method in your previous activity.
  5. [Manga Mobile] A user of Manga Mobile just sent me a video of his problem for debugging. So thoughtful!
  6. Just separate my private blog and my products blog at Now where should I post my portfolio?

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